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★ Hair extensions ★
  1track $30, 3tracks $80, 5tracks $120
  Full weave $180~
  Cap weave $100~
-Brazilian extensions, Fusion, Microlinks
  $2 each strand  (without hair)

-Braids, Twists, Dread locks, Cornrows and more
 Please ask for consultation

★ Hair/Scalp care ★

-Wash and set $30~,  $40~ (with extensions)
-3steps treatment $40~
-Intensive scalp treatment $40~
-Brazilian keratin treatment  (straight hair) half $100~, full $120~
                                         (textured hair) full  $150~

Japanese nail art and Eyelash extensions are now available

Please check them out!!

 ★ Others ★
Studio photo shoot, Fashion show, Wedding, House call, Seminars
Please ask for consultation